Raleigh Band Photoshoot

The Vocal Band, Transit, met me this weekend and we did some updated photos for their promotional materials and website.  We shot some on location around the Raleigh area, and then headed to my studio for some formal shots.

This band is seriously awesome.  They do a lot of music for schools and are a favorite for weddings and other events.  If you’re looking for a band to hire in the Raleigh area, I’d highly recommend them!


Raleigh Band Photoshoot Raleigh Band Photoshoot Raleigh Band Photoshoot Raleigh Band Photoshoot

Raleigh Photography Studio – Band Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot for the Excellent Raleigh band, Firefly. This was my first shoot since moving to my new photography studio location in Raleigh. We are equipped with two Infinity walls and two other paper shoot stations. The studio is located very close to the North Carolina Fairgrounds and the JC Raulston Arboretum, just on the West side of Raleigh off of Blue Ridge Rd.

The band was really fun to work with and I hope I can help them with upcoming projects!

Raleigh Band PhotoshootRaleigh Band Photoshoot

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Effingham Band Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot for the Effingham Band at a diner in Durham. I’ve done some photos for them in the past, once during my 365 project. The band is about to release a new album and these pics will be used for that.

Effingham Band Photo

Behind the Scenes - Band ShootHere’s a behind the scenes photo – I’ve got 3 lights going, upper left is a Vivitar 285 with a flag clamped and mounted using a magic arm.   I’ve also got a speedlight with a shoot through umbrella and a octabox also with a speedlight.


Apex, NC – Musician Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot today for a musician from Apex, NC – Tina Savage.  Tina is having her website and album artwork done by my good friends at Carolina Reprographics, and they needed some shots.  Tina had previously done some test photos with someone else at this same location with the railroad tracks and wanted professional photos to go on the album and the website redesign.  The railroad tracks are significant part of Apex, NC’s history and Tina is originally from Apex.

Musician Photos VQ2A2599 VQ2A2681