Couture for a Cause 2013 – Pre-show Photos

It was my pleasure to again be a part of the Couture for a Cause family for 2013.

Couture for a Cause is a charity fashion show and is a part of Activate Good.  If you’ve not heard of Activate Good, I’d encourage you to check them out;  Activate Good is a charity organization that partners with other charities and volunteers and matches needs with skills.  It’s a great way to find out what charities need assistance and you can use your skills to help others.  I hope you’ll take the time to donate in some way and give back.

I was unable to attend the fashion show, but I did a photoshoot for some of the designers and models two weeks ago.  These photos had to be kept under wraps until the show, so I proud to unveil them to you now.

My photoshoot was for the following Designers / Models / Non Profits this year:

Designer Model Non Profit
Angelika Gale Rebecca Brown Medical/Health/Yoga
Claudia Corletto Allie Lieberman Urban Gardening
Nicky Relyea Alice Fan Urban Gardening
Caroline Sorenson Hope Medical/Health/Young Professionals

Read the full article to see the images:

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Actress Headshot Photoshoot for Colleen Ann Guest

The awesomely talented Colleen Ann Guest stopped by The VERITAS Studio last night for her updated headshots.  Colleen is an awesome actress with quite an extensive credit list. The shoot was very fun and we were extremely productive.  I always love doing these headshots for actors and actresses.

I really hope I get to work with Colleen again, she was professional and we made some awesome images in short order.  I also had an amazing time!

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Bodypaint Fashion Show at the Black Flower – Raleigh, NC – Body Art

I shot photos for a Bodypaint Fashion Show last night at the Black Flower in Raleigh.  Many of the bodypaints were done by Beth Johnson –

You can see all of the photos I took and order any prints or digital downloads here:

The full list of vendors at this fashion show are:

Fire and Ice: Beth Johnson and Alyssa Torres
Universe and Fairy: Blake Hawley and Emily Wagner
Robot: Solver base coat: Beth Johnson and Details by Emilio Jeffries
65 roses and Mardi Gras: Ross Gassaway
Valentine: Lisa Snead-Yarborough
Zombie: Lisa Snead, Danielle Marie Ridgway and Erica Arms
Demon: TattoosbyRoger Russell
Adam: Erica Arms
Eve: Lisa Snead and Tom Gore
Hair by Rebecca and Brian
Clothing Provided by mxmcty and head2toe
Makeup also done by Melissa Solis
Chainmail by Chained Elegance.