iPhone 7 Plus shallow depth of field “Portrait Mode” first impression

I recently purchased the iPhone 7 Plus and today installed the beta for the 10.1 iOS software.  This beta gives you access to the forthcoming feature of the camera app called Portrait Mode.  As explained in the September 2016 Apple Keynote, the dual cameras on the new iPhone are used at the same time, the wide angle capturing the background and the telephoto capturing the subject and through software are combined into one image that looks like a DSLR with a wide aperture lens took the image.

I must say, I’m fairly impressed, especially with the camera doing this in real time, even as you are taking the photo it’s showing you what it’s going to look like.

Here’s a link to some sample images I took today.  These aren’t fancy awesome photos, I was just testing this depth of field feature.  What’s interesting is Apple saves the image twice in your photo library, once as the normal photo and once with this depth of field applied.

photo-sep-26-5-13-09-pm photo-sep-26-5-13-09-pm-1

photo-sep-26-6-14-02-pm photo-sep-26-6-14-02-pm-1


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