100 Strangers Project – The first 25 photos

I have posted the first 25 shots of my 100 Strangers project.  I am posting these photos on my Flickr Stream.  This has been a very interesting project so far.  It is definitely a challenge to walk up to a stranger and ask them to do something like get their portrait done.  I have had a good amount of success with people willing to be a part of the project, and I’m very thankful to everyone who has participated!

You can read more about my project on my first blog post here.  You should also check out the 100 strangers flickr group to see what some other photographers have come up with for their project!

first stranger - 100 strangers project

100 Strangers project

Today, I shot my first photo of a project that I’m going to attempt to accomplish in 2012, the 100 Strangers Project.

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

This is the first large scale project that I’m attempting to do since completing my 365 project on June 30th, 2010.  See the results of that project.

The rules that I’m setting up for myself are that I’m going to shoot this project with a film EOS-1 body, using black and white film (I’ve picked up Ilford Delta 100).  I’m also going to limit myself to one photo with that film body, and whatever shot I get with that one shot, will be it.  I will allow a second shot if I know there was a mechanical failure (like strobes didn’t fire for instance) or if the subject blinks or something like that.  Before I shoot the one shot, I will allow any number of shots to be done with my digital camera first.

Because of the nature of the project being on film, I am unable to post any of the results of the project until I develop the roll, which is 36 exposures.  I will update this blog post with a link to the set when I am able to start posting.