Video Production shot in Raleigh

I am the producer of a video production that was shot in the Victory Studio in Raleigh called “Astrobiology and the Vatican ET Connection”.  This video is being sold on Amazon right now.



This is the latest in several times that I’ve worked with Cris Putham on a project.  I also did a photoshoot with Cris and another video that is a small trailer for one of his books.

You can learn more about this author at his websites: and

New Book Promo Video – Cris Putnam

World famous author and researcher Cris Putnam asked me to do some video work to help promote his new book, The Supernatural Worldview last month.  The video that I shot has been made to a Video Trailer for the book.  If you’re not familiar with Cris Putnam’s work, you should check out Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here and Exo-Vaticana. Both of his previous books are highly interesting and I really think he’s on to something.  Some of the things that he’s uncovered are extremely compelling and can’t be easily dismissed if you look at them without preconceived notions.  I’m very excited about his next book, The Supernatural Worldview and I can’t wait until it’s released.

Cris Putnam

Carborro Business Virtual Tour – Back Alley Bikes

Back Alley Bikes relocated to their new location last year.  I had shot their virtual tour at their old location on Graham street before they moved, and they called me back to do it again at the new location.  They are now on Boyd street which is off of Main street, right where Chapel Hill ends and Carborro begins.  The new location gives them a lot more room and they seem to be very happy in Carborro.  If you have a bike and need some maintenance or accessories, or need a new bike, Jason at the Back Alley Bikes is the person to come see.

Check out the location now with their new virtual tour!

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Raleigh Google Business Views – Mumford Restoration

Have you ever seen the show American Restoration and thought how cool a business like that is?  What if I told you that we have a business just like that here in Raleigh?  Mumford Restoration is my latest Raleigh Google Business Views customer.  This business is amazing, they do restoration of almost anything, from Furniture, antiques, woodworking, metal items and art, just to name a few!  It was really awesome to go visit and see their setup.  I have no doubt that they can tackle even the toughest restoration jobs!  Their attention to detail is exactly what is needed in this kind of business!  If you have any type of item that you’d like to have restored, give them a call!

Read the rest of the article below to see the virtual tour.

Raleigh Google Business ViewsRaleigh Google Business Views Raleigh Google Business Views

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Raleigh Food Photography

I had a photoshoot this week with a local company – Cheenies.  Cheenies makes these amazing cheese bread rolls.  The best thing about food photography is being able to sample the product at the end of the shoot.  The Cheenies folks are having their branding redone by Carolina Reprographics.  If you’re looking to rework your marketing, you need to check them out!  I can’t wait to see how the website and food labels look once the graphic design is done.  I was very glad to help these folks out, if you need some food photography in the Raleigh area, please get in contact with me to schedule a session.

Raleigh Food Photography Raleigh Food Photography Raleigh Food Photography Raleigh Food Photography


New Raleigh Photography Studio Location!

I have officially moved to my new studio location.  This Photography/Video studio and office space is a joint effort between Florio Photography and Carolina Reprographics.  I am beyond thrilled and excited to be partnering up with a company with such talent and dedication to quality.  Carolina Reprographics is a growing company that specializes in Graphics Design, Video production and Web Design.  Combining our resources makes us the premiere creative company in the Raleigh, NC market.

The studio and office is located very conveniently off of Blue Ridge road with a line of sight to the North Carolina Fairgrounds.  This studio has 2 Cyclorama Infinity walls and two additional shooting locations.

I hope to see you soon at our new location.  Please do stop by anytime!

The Google Virtual tour of the space is up, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post and virtually tour our facility!

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Chapel Hill Google Virtual Tour – Al’s Burger Shack

Chapel Hill Virtual Tour

My latest Google Tour customer is Al with Al’s Burger Shack in Chapel Hill.  Al’s Burger shack is a new restaurant located on West Franklin St in Chapel Hill.  The food is awesome, especially the fries.  It’s very North Carolina with Cheerwine on tap.  The location sports a very nice patio outside to enjoy the nice weather and eat your grub.  I highly recommend you try Al’s the next time you’re in Chapel Hill.

See the Google Virtual Tour:

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Actress Headshot Photoshoot for Colleen Ann Guest

The awesomely talented Colleen Ann Guest stopped by The VERITAS Studio last night for her updated headshots.  Colleen is an awesome actress with quite an extensive credit list. The shoot was very fun and we were extremely productive.  I always love doing these headshots for actors and actresses.

I really hope I get to work with Colleen again, she was professional and we made some awesome images in short order.  I also had an amazing time!

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Chapel Hill Headshots – Business Photos

An employee with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill asked me to do some business headshots to update his on-line social media presence.  He is a manager of a group of web developers and as such, knows the importance of a good set of photos for social media and networking sites.

I happened to have the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens today and wanted to try some with that as well as my go-to Canon 85mm f/1.2 L II. We walked around the campus on a beautiful afternoon and got some shots. I know the 35mm isn’t a typical portrait length, but I thought I would try it for the wider shots with some background.  I definitely think this 35mm lens will be one of my most used lenses going forward, it gave nice bokeh and great color and clarity.  It focused dead on and was right on at fairly wide apertures.

Chapel Hill HeadshotsChapel Hill HeadshotsChapel Hill Headshots

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Raleigh Business Virtual Tour – Greater Raleigh Chiropractic & Rehab

Dr. Jeff Roistacher with the Greater Raleigh Chiropractic & Rehab had their Raleigh Business Virtual Tour done.  The Virtual Tours that I do are a Google Product and a huge upgrade to your Google profile.

The Greater Raleigh Chiropractic & Rehab is an excellent Chiropractic office.  If you have back pain or trouble, you owe it to yourself to check them out!  In the virtual tour you will see that they have a lot of specialized equipment for measuring and mitigating your issues.  There is an on-site deep tissue masseuse as well.  See the virtual tour below :

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