Alison and Bryan Anderson Wedding at Historic Rice Mill, Charleston SC

What a beautiful wedding at Historic Rice Mill, Charleston, SC.

I was very honored to be Alison and Bryan’s wedding photographer!

I mainly used this lighting in these:

Godox AD360, 1/4 power with a Beauty Dish (made by Cheetahstand, this is the same one rebranded) mounded using a Godox S type bracket at 6 o’clock.

VQ2A5916IMG_4986IMG_4883 IMG_4887

VQ2A4789 VQ2A4805 VQ2A4806 VQ2A4808 VQ2A4865 VQ2A4868 VQ2A4892 IMG_8563VQ2A4910 VQ2A4942 VQ2A4955 VQ2A4975 IMG_4996
VQ2A4988 VQ2A5133

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