Using your Adobe Lightroom 3 Presets in Lightroom 4

Using Ligtroom 3 Presets in Lightroom 4
Here’s a tip that many Lightroom users will appreciate.  If you have an extensive set of Lightroom 3 presets, you might be worried about your transition to Lightroom 4, as the sliders have all changed rendering most of the presets that you have created or obtained for Lightroom 3 useless and broken.

Here’s the solution to this issue.  Import your photos into Lightroom 4.  In the develop module under settings -> process you can change the process type from 2012 to 2010.  When you do that, all of the sliders and everything else reverts back to Lightroom 3 functionality and all of the presets work as expected.  You can do this on a virtual copy of an image as well.  You can also copy this change and paste it to many photos.


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