Contra Dancing Event Photography

I had the most fun the other night attending and shooting photos of the book release contra dance party for my friend Tyler Johnson. Tyler was releasing his new book, Tales from the Red Book of Tunes. This book is available for purchase on

Please enjoy the images from this party! As you can see, it was a fun event!!!

IMG_3756 VQ2A7953 VQ2A7948 VQ2A7946 VQ2A7942 VQ2A7940 IMG_3829 IMG_3815 IMG_3799 IMG_3790IMG_3730 IMG_3682 IMG_3635 IMG_3620 IMG_3617 IMG_3576VQ2A8117

IMG_3554 IMG_3547 IMG_3418 IMG_3348 IMG_3324 IMG_3322 IMG_3314 IMG_3308 IMG_3287 IMG_3284 IMG_3275

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