Bodypaint Fashion Show at the Black Flower – Raleigh, NC – Body Art

I shot photos for a Bodypaint Fashion Show last night at the Black Flower in Raleigh.  Many of the bodypaints were done by Beth Johnson –

You can see all of the photos I took and order any prints or digital downloads here:

The full list of vendors at this fashion show are:

Fire and Ice: Beth Johnson and Alyssa Torres
Universe and Fairy: Blake Hawley and Emily Wagner
Robot: Solver base coat: Beth Johnson and Details by Emilio Jeffries
65 roses and Mardi Gras: Ross Gassaway
Valentine: Lisa Snead-Yarborough
Zombie: Lisa Snead, Danielle Marie Ridgway and Erica Arms
Demon: TattoosbyRoger Russell
Adam: Erica Arms
Eve: Lisa Snead and Tom Gore
Hair by Rebecca and Brian
Clothing Provided by mxmcty and head2toe
Makeup also done by Melissa Solis
Chainmail by Chained Elegance.

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